Wedding Planning On A Budget

Wedding are incredibly expensive if you go the traditional route without knowing how to deal with the vendors or negotiate on cost.

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Start planning early.

  • The earlier you begin designing, the more cash you’re progressing to save.
  • Last minute planning can cost you hundreds more then you intended.

Hire a wedding planner.

Hold the rehearsal and bridal parties at home.

  • Serve sandwich, Veggie, and fruit trays
  • If your home is not large enough, how about family or friend’s house?


Making your own ceremony flowers

  • There square measure lots of wholesale stores who can sell silk blooms at a greatly discounted value. operating with silk blooms is simple and might be done by nearly anyone. you’ll simply handle with none skilled coaching merely had a bunch of flowers and a few florist tape. They were completely beautiful!

Have a double wedding

  • You will have to share the spotlight, but you will also be sharing expenses.

Decorating the reception hall

  • Your wedding reception is where your guests will spend, the more time. You should count on spending at least 40 percent of your budget on the reception. This includes the food, decorations, music, drinks, etc. But a beautiful reception doesn’t have to break the bank. Count on your friends and family to help out and decorate the hall together with friends.

Make or borrow a bridal dress, hat or veil

Turn a simple dress into a wedding dress.

  • Add lass, pearls, and/or ribbon to sun dress to create a low cost.

Rent the tuxes.

  • Don’t buy tuxedos , rent them.

Calling Betty Crockery!

  • Your cake is that the centerpiece of the reception. it’s a tasteful sweet moreover as a part of a tradition- the attractive or untidy cutting -of -the -cake.
  • Look at lots of different ideas before you decide what you want. Visit bakeries and peruse bridal magazines. You might also find inspiration at a toy store, in china patterns or from your favorite candies.

Have the wedding ceremony at home.

  • Hire an Efficient, Celebrant, or Minister to perform the ceremony at your location.
  • How about getting married in the park?


Take advantage of pleasant weather when possible.

  • Have an outdoor BBQ party after a summer wedding.

Ask friends or family to prepare the reception feast.

  • Have a pot luck.

Serve simple, inexpensive food with beer and soft drinks for a dinner reception.

Serve champagne punch instead of champagne.

Have a smaller wedding cake.

  • Serve guests from sheet cakes.
  • Once the cake is cut, it all looks the same.

Skip the live music.

  • Hire a DJ.
  • Use your own stereo and make compilation CD’s of your favorite music.

Hand makes gifts for attendants.

Skip the dinner time reception.

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